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It’s time to GAME

A look into one of the fastest growing forms of entertainment

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With so much hate and suffering going on in the world, a misunderstood medium of entertainment has become what many believe to be the world wide equalizer. Gender, race, sexuality; none of these things matter in the world of video games.

Mobile games along with console and PC games give any person the choice to play games in any way they want while also leaving enough to be desired for constant upgrades and better hardware.

If someone is a bit of a social butterfly and can handle a bit of idiocy, they can even try their hand in streaming the games they play on Twitch or YouTube.

But video games have gotten a bad rap, as the idea of sitting in front of a TV screen for hours on end is usually associated with nerdy shut-ins who have no social standing at all.

With such a diverse medium to be classified as something for only nerds is a gross misunderstanding of the highest degree.

For instance, in recent years, video games have become so popular that e-sports have sprouted up in major cities across the world. Teams from South Korea or Australia face off in the most competitive games, such as Counter Strike Global Offensive(CSGO) or Call of Duty, against teams from the Americas and beyond.

Gaming channels on YouTube have seen some of the most traffic of any other channels on the website, including the largest one the website has ever seen; PewDiePie.

Twitch is a website built solely for the purpose of streaming gamers live for millions of people.

Large companies spend millions of dollars a year to put out the latest and greatest tech for gamers, from PC to console to phone.

And boy do these companies bring home the money. According to, last year the video game industry was worth well over 1.81 trillion dollars. That’s right, trillion, as in the number behind the U.S. debt.

And that isn’t the only way to make money. Streamers and gamers who monetize on Twitch or YouTube can make millions of dollars if they become popular enough.

PewDiePie, who started his YouTube career as a gaming channel, made around $15 million this last year.

In many gamer’s minds, videogames are an art form as any person who can do a little bit of coding can make their wildest ideas come to life.

Sure some of the biggest games come doled out year after year by profit hungry companies, but some of the best, mind blowing, eye opening games have come from small start up companies that just want to make something beautiful.

Despite the equality in gaming, there has always seemed to be a bit of a gender gap in the medium, whether it be due to stigmas and rumors or pure skill. Surprisingly, though, it is about 50-50 when talking about women and men who will state that they game (

A surprising effect has been observed, though. Those who have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder(ADHD), male or female, are likely to be better at video games.

From the creation of the first video game back in the 1950’s, the medium has grown to worldwide renown. What once was considered for only nerds has blossomed to a medium of entertainment that encompasses all demographics from around the world.

It has become the equalizer this world needs in a time filled with hate.

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It’s time to GAME