Fourth of July festivities

A look into holiday traditions

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With summer flying by, Independence Day provides students with the chance to take a break from summer jobs and studying for the ACT. Students shared their plans for the holiday and their favorite family traditions.

How do you spend the fourth of July?

“I always celebrate with family and friends” -Javier Jimmenez (10)Image result for Fireworks

“Most of the time my family has a little barbecue at either my house or my grandparents house, then we go and light off huge fireworks because all of their neighbors have competitions with each other to see who has the best fireworks.” -Talor Yarnell (12)

“Every Fourth of July my family makes homemade ice cream and has a BBQ then we watch the fireworks around town and sometimes we go to parties together as a family.” -Anna Shick (12)

“This year I’m playing in a golf scramble with [my friends]Rachel, Ty, and DJ. Then Rachel is going with my family and me to the Reinhart’s annual party.” -Ashlynn Haun (12)

“Getting together with friends and family doing cookouts and setting off and watching fireworks.” -Ethan Koeler (11)

“I like spending time with my family and having our annual picnic and finishing off the night with fireworks.” -Jaelyn Muhr (12)

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