Clarified dance policy clears up confusion


Andrew Eccles

Students dance to to one of the many songs played during the Homecoming dance.

Right after the second hour tardy bell rings, students are greeted with
“Good morning Bearcats, please rise for the Pledge.”
What follows is a series of announcements about clubs and student organizations.
And then, for the fifth time in as many days, students are reminded about the school dance policy.
The signing up of out-of-town dates isn’t what catches most students’ attention. Instead, what administrators want students to hear is the second part of the announcement.
It’s straight out of the handbook which states on page 20, “Only students, who are in good standing deemed by the administration, will be allowed to participate and attend school dances. Good standing is defined as a student not having five or more unexcused absences in any one class, including CATS, and not failing two or more classes.”
While the policy was in place last year students apparently did not have an adequate awareness of the policy.
This lead to some problems with dances, especially as prom approached last April. Many students had already purchased their dresses or tuxes and made plans with friends. Tensions rose when the school told many students they were ineligible to attend prom as a result of failing grades or attendance issues.
This year, however, school admins set a different tone from the very first day of school. To ensure that everyone knew what the expectations were, the dance policy was included in daily bulletin for two weeks leading up to the dance and read aloud each morning over the intercom for the week leading up to the dance.
Of course, no dance policy could be perfect. There were students dressed to the nines and ready to celebrate who were turned away at the door. However, even those students could not complain that the expectations were unclear.
The Echoes would applaud the school’s efforts this fall to insure that ALL students are aware of the policy.