Two seniors beat the odds to make All State three times in a row

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This year, along with many other All State participants, the vocal music program at SHS is sending two seniors for their third time. This means that these students auditioned each year they were eligible to do so and made the ensemble every year. With immensely tough competition, making it to All State once is an honor, three times is almost unheard of. Below, one of these students shares her story.

Jaelynn Muhr:

Going to All-State in the past has created some of my best memories and will remain to be something I won’t ever forget.

Being involved in this huge event where many people come together to contribute their God-given talents and create something really beautiful is such an amazing experience. Everyone singing has the same passion and focus to do their best and enjoy this music, and it really feels good to be around people who feel that way. It’s much different than singing with the high school choir because of that shared passion. The music we create is beyond words. Everyone sounds so beautiful together and that right there is something I will never forget. Getting to sing with hundreds of very talented musicians makes me a better musician as well. I’m influenced by so many different voices.

Traveling with choir kids is always a great time. Not only do we get to experience everything I mentioned together, we also become better friends every year because of it. I have made some of my greatest friends ever through choir and traveling together just strengthens those friendships. The All-State trip down to Lincoln doesn’t just involve singing. We get to explore the city and be involved in what the community has to offer as well.From discovering whole-in-the-wall bookstores in Downtown Lincoln to staying up way too late at the hotel and regretting it for rehearsal the next morning, we have such a fun time together. Last year, we walked down to a super cute ice cream shop that had a piano. We all had so much fun eating homemade ice cream and then of course, having a spontaneous jam sesh for the rest of the night.

I’m so grateful that I get to be in All-State every year. That’s something not a lot of people get to experience and I am really happy that I do. Every ounce of my talent and passion for music is given to me from God and I wouldn’t get to experience any of this joy if it weren’t for Him. He created so many people with so many wonderful talents and, again, I’m so grateful that I get to see some of that at All-State.

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