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In response to the editorial “Taking a stand by taking a knee.”

To the editor:
The whole situation surrounding taking a knee is blown up beyond what it should have been. Personally, I believe they should stand as they are from this country and they need to respect it. But the inaccuracies form the article need to be brought up. The football community has come out in outrage after such incidents of domestic abuse. It is obvious that no one took lightly of Ray Rice as he has not played one down of football since the video was released. Same with Greg Hardy, he has played little as nobody would want to watch him play. If you want to play the race card, New York Giants kicker Josh Brown (who was white) was released by the Giants after admitting to beating his wife. Ironically, Ray Lewis is supporting the players in their goal to bring awareness to the senseless killing of blacks. In case you don’t know, Ray Lewis was charged with two accounts of murder after he slayed Richard Lollar but never went to jail.
As a football aspect, it is easy to see why Kaepernick is not signed. In football, there are different offensive schemes that teams run. When Kaepernick was with the 49ers, he ran what is called a zone read offense. This more suited him because he is not as good of a passer as a runner. In 2012, the year the 49ers made the Super Bowl, their offense was top five for rushing. Even more astonishing, Kaepernick did not lead his team to the Super Bowl. Their defense that year was 3rd in the league, so it was easy for a quarterback to win games when they don’t need to score a lot of points. So the “million dollar arm” does not exist. WHen the Dolphins passed up on him, they were not suited for the type of offense he was good at. Even more than that, the NFL is a private business. They have the right to not hire players.
But beyond football, both sides have the right to do what they are doing. Despite popular liberal idea, the First Amendment does in fact go both ways. If they are able to kneel, then I am able to criticize them. Tim Tebow took a knee for his beliefs and was hated by the left. I do in fact have a problem with it. Not because they are kneeling, but they are kneeling without action. These players are making millions and millions of dollars and are, of course, keeping it all for them. While I do applaud Kaepernick for donating some of his money, there are many more players who could donate a lot of money but simply don’t. But when Alejandro Villanueva, a former Army Ranger, has to publicly apologize for standing during the national anthem while the rest of his team sat in the locker room like cowards, I have a big problem with that. While some liberals claim the flag stands for evil and villainy, they also seem to forget who saved the world against the Nazis, contained the spread of Communism, and has supported countries that needed our help. Once these “activists” in the NFL actually start doing something to help out for their community, then I will continue to oppose.
-Anonymous student

The Echoes policy regarding anonymity requires students to contact Mr. Pitkin and confirm that they are, in fact, affiliated with SHS. We are then willing to publish their letter without attaching a name to it.

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