Better when I’m dancing

A photo review of Old West Choir Fest

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Gordon Rock
Sierra DeLosSantos, Madyson Kelller, and Ashlynn Haun strike a pose.

Members of the 27th Street Singers rehearse for Old West Choir Fest, held in the auditorium. The night before the competition both home groups met to eat dinner and rehearse.


The girls from 27th Street Singers shake their hips in time with the music.

Gordon Rock
Show choir members dance to the music. They were accompanied by Barb Becker and choreographed by Tiffany Tabor Mackrill.

Jackson Ronne, 12, performs a solo at the competition. 23 choirs from Nebraska and Colorado competed for the coveted “Best of the West” title.

Gordon Rock
Senior Taylor Yarnell sings “You Will Be Found” from the musical DEAR EVAN HANSEN, the varsity show choir’s ballad.

Gordon Rock
Sophomore Billy Mosher performs a solo. Mosher, like many of the students in 27th and Chorelaires, Mosher first participated in the BMS show choir.

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