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Lin-Manuel Miranda’s hit musical “Hamilton” is one of the most popular pieces of media around the world. Every day, hundreds of people are sucked into the romantic and tragic world he has crafted around the historical Alexander Hamilton.


However, seeing as how it’s a musical–and a popular one, too–for fans it has become a gruelling trial attempting to get tickets to a show.


For the latest shows, there were three methods for fans.


The first method—and the most difficult—was obtaining them in person. This involved camping out in front of the booths for hours or even days at a time.


The second method was to call in to get the tickets, but only a handful of calls went through because there were so many people calling in.



Originally, robots would be set up to buy mass amounts of tickets as soon as they went on sale. These robots would then give these tickets to ‘scalpers,’ who are people who charge more than market price for a certain good.


Ticket prices skyrocketed past their initial price once scalpers got involved. Due to this, acquiring tickets became incredibly difficult.


However, lately the musical scene has been wising up to the efforts of scalpers. While it’s not perfect, there are robot filters on the ticket websites, allowing more actual customers to get themselves some tickets.


Some Scottsbluff residents even managed to nab some tickets to the critically-acclaimed musical.


“It was tough,” Junior Roberto Avila recalls. “My uncle had to stay home from work, because the second he got online and the tickets went on sale, he was put into 80,000th place.”


Hopefully, as time goes on, robots and scalpers will be entirely rooted out of the picture.

Erin Willats, 12

We went to Chicago to see Hamilton. I was sitting in the CIBC Theater, watching the musical I have been obsessed with for over two years. I was almost brought to tears from Hamilton’s pure beauty. It is a memory that I will forever cherish.

Roberto Avila, 11

Hamilton is important because it states the story of one of the most underrated historical figures out there. A lot of people don’t even realize how big of an influence Hamilton had on this country, and it brings his story to life.


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