Better late than never


Jeff Johnson

Lieutenant Colonel Jeffrey M. Johnson, 56, joined the Bearcat staff in late July. Johnson grew up in Laramie and went to Laramie High School.  He has been married to his wife Brenda for 29 years.  He has had prior experience with the JROTC program; as an instructor at Great Falls High school in Great Falls, Montana.

He served for 27 years in the Air Force as Minutemen combat crew member, senior combat crew evaluator, and ICBM flight test officer.  He has served in California, South Dakota, Colorado, and Nebraska just to name a few. All AFJROTC instructors are retired Air Force commissioned and non-commissioned officers.

He was inspired to join the Air Force because his dad served in World War 2. He took the job as teacher because he enjoys teaching.  Johnson says “having a safe environment where you feel comfortable and letting them know you won’t be made fun of helps in the classroom”.


Johnson was really surprised of how well the program turned out in the first year. There are 128 students in 7 periods. He thinks RESPECT is really important in the classroom, it is also very important when it comes for the Air Force. One thing they have in common is making the kids get up in front of the classroom. The goal of the JROTC program is to help students develop character for the military.