A test you don’t want to pass

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Bella* had always passed every kind of test that she was given, whether it be science or math, she always passed the test.

However, this was the one test that she knew she would fail. This wasn’t the kind of test that Bella could study or prepare for.

Instead, she had to anxiously wait her turn behind two other students to be called by Resources Officer Eddie Gonzales for random drug testing.

Twenty four hours earlier, Bella didn’t even think twice about what she was doing, she had been getting high on marijuana, as it was something she enjoyed doing, Bella had done it a couple times before, so she didn’t really see the harm in doing the drugs.

Despite all of this Bella had always been a pretty good kid, getting good grades, hanging out with her friends, and participating in soccer.

Marijuana can provide some medicinal relief to a person, and in most states it’s actually legal. Marijuana can help someone with many things, such as anxiety, sleep apnea, and other things. However, like most drugs, it also has its side effects. Marijuana can affect one’s memory and just the mind in general for a total of 24 hours after its use.

Marijuana is also linked to many types of cancer because of how it disables a person’s lungs to continue to function properly.

For Bella, the soccer season had just ended so she figured it was fine for her to continue her usual past-time use as she was no longer in any sports or any other activities. Unfortunately for her, she forgot that even though the season was over, she would still remain in the testing pool for random drug testing.

After completing the test, Bella anxiously waited for the results to come back, surprised that it had taken a week before it was revealed she had tested positive.

No serious consequences were given out by the school, but Bella’s dad did receive a call from the school.

She then had a deep talk with her parents once she got home that day. After a long talk, her parents decided to give her the consequence of being grounded.

The whole experience left a heavy impact on Bella, as it made her reflect back on and realize what she was doing to herself and how it was affecting her life.

Before that day in her junior year, she had only been drug tested once, so she wasn’t expecting to be called down for random drug testing for the second time after having already passed one test before.

After learning about what had occurred with Bella and hearing that she had tested positive, Bella’s soccer coach talked to her and told her how disappointed he was to hear that she done that. Despite the circumstances, however, he still believed she was truly good person and was very understanding about the whole thing.

Bella regrets what she did, saying that, like her coach and her parents, she was also disappointed in herself for doing drugs. Bella was the first member in her family to ever be tested as positive for drug testing.

Before that event, she had been doing really good in school staying involved in sports and other activities, which aided her in staying away from those type of things.

In Bella’s opinion, random drug testing has a lot to do with one’s involvement in sports or any kind of activities that someone can participate in. She states that a student can’t really ever expect that they’re going to get called down for drug testing, plus, once they get there, there’s no way that one can even get themselves out of the situation. A student can’t really prepare or plan on the situation to happen. If she could go back, Bella stated that she would not have done drugs.

Testing positive for random drug testing affected many aspects of Bella’s life, both at school and at home. However, despite what had happened, Bella continues to strive forward and do her best in everything that she does.

*Student’s name has been modified to preserve privacy

“Despite all of this, Bella had always been a pretty good kid””

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