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Random Drug testing has been a part of the high school for over ten years. Considering that majority of the school is eligible for Random Drug Testing its quite boggling how little students actually know.
Students would be the first to be surprised upon knowing that most of the actual drug testing doesn’t have much to do with the school at all.
Here’s how the entire process works:
At the beginning of the year every student in any extracurricular activity from sports to Math Club has to turn in a mandatory random drug test approval sheet.
The school also gives parents the opportunity to submit their child into the random drug testing pool.
The list of students in the pool are submitted to the local testing firms WPCI.
Each student is assigned a six digit number and a computer at the facility randomly selects 20 different students for the drug testing process.
The first ten students on the list are the only ones to get tested. However, if a student from the first set is absent from school that day a student on the other set of ten is selected to fill their place.
The school does not choose the student at all, the entire selection process happens off campus.
After the set has been chosen security guards pulls each student from class and then they conduct a urinalysis test.
The reason for the choice of the urinalysis test is due to the fact that they are more accurate and also less expensive than a saliva test.
Eddie has stated that he does his best to make the entire process as simple and easy for the students as possible
The collected samples are then transported to the WPCI facility and tested.
A student has the right to opt out of taking the test, however, this would lead to the immediate disbarment of any activity the student is involved in.
“Drug testing is in no way shape or form a punishment for students,”
Activities Director David Hoxworth, said.
The goal is not to catch as many drug users as possible but to act as a helpful deterrent from the use of drugs and alcohol.
The fact is, only a small number of students test positive per year and when tested, parents then will be contacted and a plan will be set into place on how to help the student – no other action is taken place aside from the possibility of being randomly tested again.

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