Patty Laucomer: Educator and Rancher

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During the summer of 2017, word filtered down through the Panhandle that the Coen brothers were filming a new series there. Calls went out for ordinary Nebraskans to help pad the ranks.
Paraeducator Patty Laucomer played an integral role in helping the Coen brothers with their cinematic masterpiece.
“I was a film major in college,” she said with a smile. “I guess maybe I liked more of the behind the scenes stuff. I like acting but I’m kind of shy.”
Laucomer heard about the filming taking place through the grapevine, as is common in the Panhandle.
“They were scouting and wanted an area near, by, or similar to the Oregon Trail,” Laucomer said.
“I don’t know who contacted us first, but they asked my husband to show them some places. They came and looked, then decided this was the place,” Laucomer grinned.
Over the course of a week, Laucomer and her husband waited for a response from the team. Finally, they got that fateful call.
“You think, “Oh that’d be fun,” but stuff like that doesn’t usually happen. When they came back and said they would use our location, I was in disbelief,” Laucomer laughed.
Over the course of the filming, Laucomer and her husband got very involved with the crew. Of particular note, she recalled, was Bruno Delbonnel, the lead cinematographer.
“He was a Frenchman nominated for five Oscars. He worked on Darkest Hour, the Winston Churchill biopic.”
All in all, Laucomer’s experience was positive.
“A lot of the time, movie sets are not fun to be on. It’s grinding and everyone’s grumpy, but this one was different,” Laucomer said.
She laughed upon recalling the memories she made with the cast and crew during filming.
“Everyone got along here and everyone had a fun time,” Laucomer said happily. “Everyone was so gracious and charming, and they were just ordinary people. It was refreshing!”

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