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Revealing the repercussions

Students face the consequences of their digital actions.

IT personnel issue a Chromebook to freshman Andon Pittman. Chromebooks were issued on a on-to-one scale this year.

IT personnel issue a Chromebook to freshman Andon Pittman. Chromebooks were issued on a on-to-one scale this year.

CJ Beery

CJ Beery

IT personnel issue a Chromebook to freshman Andon Pittman. Chromebooks were issued on a on-to-one scale this year.

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No matter how good the news, there always has to be a party pooper.
Such is the case with the school’s one-to-one Chromebook distribution earlier this fall. While administrators expected some glitches, unfortunately students have not disappointed.
School officials have had to reprimand a small number of students for their misuse on the Chromebooks.
In an effort to keep students away from inappropriate internet sites, the school purchased GoGuardian software, which allows for teachers and IT personnel to oversee what students are viewing.
In the event students are using the Chromebooks inappropriately, staff can shut them down.
One of the perks of GoGuardian is while it monitors the Chromebooks, it also has sensitivity settings that will send alarms or notifications to the administration if buzzwords are searched for on the Chromebooks.
With GoGuardian, Chromebooks are always being monitored, even after schools hours. According to Principal Mike Halley, the administration sometimes gets notifications from GoGuardian in the middle of the night.
The agreement signed by students does not allow for students to use the Chromebooks in any way of misuse; such as using them for personal matters. They are strictly for school-related functions and not for personal use.
*Olivia, a junior, was one student who got in trouble for not using her Chromebook correctly. While the rest of her class was using their Chromebooks, Olivia was playing video games.
When Olivia was caught playing video games, she had to have a meeting with an administrator. While she didn’t get suspended, she did get her Chromebook taken away
Depending on the severity and how a student sets off the alarm, the administration deals out a punishment or, would issue a warning to the student.
Olivia said she doesn’t really use any social media and mostly uses technology for playing games or messaging her friends through Messenger.
Even though others might find Olivia’s consequence severe, it didn’t bother her.
With the addition of Chromebooks, the number of occurrences of students getting in trouble due to technological use has not significantly increased.
“It’s more than it was prior, but it’s not overwhelming. We deal with a few incidences,” Halley said.
The Chromebooks have many uses, which can aid students in multiple ways. If a student happened to miss school that day, they could look their classes up on their Chromebooks to see what they missed.
Students must be careful and cautious about what they do online and what they search on their Chromebooks, so they don’t set off an alarm and face the consequences of doing something inappropriate on a school device.
Students who come to class without a Chromebook when work needs to be done can go to the library and check one out.
*Names changed for privacy purposes

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Revealing the repercussions