‘A Star is Born’ Movie Review

A Star is Born Hits All the Right Notes

A Star Is Born is a
movie we always want but
so rarely get to see, a perfect
Hollywood movie. It’s the
fourth remake of a story
that goes all the way back
to 1932, but this one has
a look and feel all its own,
unique and swooning, but
also soft and intimate and
It’s set in the present
day, but in spirit it’s a
smooth retro ’70s drama
built around the amazing
flow of feeling that develops
between the two stars,
Bradley Cooper, who plays
Jackson Maine, a hard
drinking, redneck rock ‘n’
roller who is still hanging
on as a popular attraction
but has lost the thirst for what
he’s doing, and Lady Gaga, in
her stunning and accomplished
movie star debut, as Ally, an innocent,
young singer and songwriter
who becomes Jackson’s
lover and stage partner before
succeeding on her own into the
new pop stratosphere.
It’s as if no one knew
they were shooting a remake.
The film feels new from a blasting
start to a deep finish.
The electricity of their
connection and the fact that
their relationship grows into
something that can carry the
weight of both difficulty and
success for so long the movie
suggests, due at least as much
to their mutual respect for one
another’s gifts as creators and
It would be wrong to say
there’s no jealousy. But when
jealousy does creep in, it never
becomes about tearing the
other person down, theirs is a
loving, passionate, complicated
bond that lets them both create
some of their best work, and
become their better selves as
Love can’t conquer everything.
Scars run deep. But love
is what ultimately allows the
jealousy to fade.
A Star Is Born is undoubtedly
a swirling, Hollywood
style melodrama, but it has
something to say about the
world it’s set in, about what it
takes to remain a human in the
middle of a celebrity making
machine that would rather
package people to accept its
own standards.
The message the film sends
is that it’s not really about
“being genuine” we stay real
because other people see us,
and they love us for what they