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Some students may feel disconnected from the classroom or fallen behind with credits toward graduation. There are more ways than one to get help with this situation.
“The philosophy behind Reconnect is good with providing our students with an alternative education and allowing them to graduate with their cohorts” SPED Teacher Amber Moore.
With a strong background in math, Moore helps the math department, special education students, and serves students with disabilities at Reconnect.
The process of enrollment into Reconnect starts with being at the age group from 16-21, Admission is also based on student’s credit deficiency and recommendation.
Reconnect is currently at 70 students and adding students has been a common choice.
After a meeting between her counselor, parents, and administrator and Hernandez, they have decided to send her to reconnect to better herself in her education. “I’m not nervous at all, it’ll be a change but I feel like it will help me more because I don’t like being in a big class” Ashleigh Hernandez said.
Anthony Parker, a Reconnect instructor feels that a lot of benefits come out of reconnect.
“Without the past 6 years of reconnect 193 students would not have their high school diploma”.
With new students coming, they can expect a safe environment at reconnect. “Students can expect a safe and friendly environment but it also has certain stillness towards reconnect because you are here for a reason” Parker said.
Reconnect utilizes Odyssey Ware and the online classes. The instructors at Reconnect, including Kyle King, Anthony Parker, and Amber Moore, also help students when they need help with their struggles in subjects.
The number of credits you need to graduate is at 200 credits, but at the past school board meeting reconnect has added 20 more credits with the career academy. The core curriculum is about the same as the high school with 40 English, 30 science, 30 math, 30 social studies and 90 on top of that.
At Reconnect there are two types of students part-time and full-time. Students who attend have these options and it’ll give you more time to study or do other outside of school activities.
“I will be doing part-time so I can work at my job and get more money for things I need and it won’t get in the way of school” Hernandez said.
If you wish to further you’re education, reconnect will not look any different than a high school diploma when colleges look at your transcript. Displicine is also handled the same way like any other school.
“We try to keep it straight and we do not tolerate negative behavior it really depends on what happens in the situation” Parker said.
Reconnect is a place where students who are behind can get help and go on their own time without being around a huge crowd.

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