The end of an Era

Behnke steps down as girls tennis coach to spend more time with family

After 10 years, girls tennis coach Cassandra Behnke resigned from her position on November 26th, citing the need to spend more time with her young family.
Behnke said she had been contemplating resigning since last spring, but still found the final decision a tough one.
“We just added to our family last year so now we have two daughters, and coaching tennis requires a lot of time and energy and we travel a lot so I’m away a lot in the spring,” Behnke said.
In the wake of Behnke’s departure, Activities Director Dave Hoxworth is looking for her replacement.
“She’d been talking to me about leaving since the end of last year a little bit,” Hoxworth said.
“We’ll open it up internally first and see if there is any interest and see if there is any interest in the position within the district. If not, we’ll look outside,” Hoxworth said.
Behnke said she has many rich memories from her coaching years.
“My favorite tennis memory is when Madelene Holscher made it to the third round of the state tournament and when Zoe Holscher made it to the second day and played for third and fourth place her junior year,” Behnke said.
Behnke started her coaching career as the assistant on the boys’ team.
“The way boys and girls think is different and the way you motivate them is different. That’s the one thing I think that I could have worked on to motivate them to play at their peak performance and play through difficult times,” Behnke said.
Even thought Behnke has left the team she hope that someday she will make a return.
“I would definitely come back, I have so enjoyed coaching tennis, which is funny since when I started coaching I didn’t even know how to play tennis. All the things I have learned and the people I’ve worked with and the girls and their families have been such a positive experience that is so worth coming back to if I’m given the opportunity,” Behnke said.
Even thought Behnke has stepped down from the team the process of finding a new person to coach might already be involved.
“Darren Emerick is obviously the assistant coach so he’ll fill in until we can find a person,” Hoxworth said.
Even though tennis season is only a few months away time isn’t quite running out yet.
“I’m glad it’s now and not February, so we got a couple of months, but we definitely want to get the kids not in a winter sport hitting the ball and doing some drillwork,” Hoxworth said.