Veteran teachers witness evolution in education


Draven Sanford

Master teacher

Draven Sanford
Old school discipline

During its more than 100 year history, the school has undergone several changes. Many teachers have come and gone as well, but there are some veterans who have enjoyed long careers at SHS.
One of those is veteran English instructor Todd Menghini.
Menghini started teaching here in 1987, making him a 21-year veteran. He has seen many generations go through his class, and witnessed how the school has changed.
“Yes, I remember teaching without computers!” Menghini said. His teaching methods have changed over the years with the advent of technology.
Menghini isn’t the only one though, social studies teacher Gary Largo is in his 42nd year of teaching.
Having to deal with students every day is no easy feat, and yet, these teachers have managed to do it for decades.
Before working at SHS, Menghini also worked at Banner County High School and in Montana, giving him extensive experience in teaching.
Certain teachers, such as Menghini, have wanted to get a change of pace and switch schools. There are also teachers who have never found another right fit.
“I have thought of teaching other places, but nothing has ever been as appropriate for me.” Special education teacher Alice Nye said.
Many teachers got inspiration in order to go into the teaching profession. It was due to the advice of one of Menghini’s college professors that he began teaching English.
Many teachers other than Menghini, have been inspired by some of their previous instructors to go into the education field.
According to Nye, it was due to her 2nd-grade teacher who left an impact on her soul she got into teaching. “I wanted to share and show what she shared and showed me,” Nye said.
Due to two history teachers, Largo decided to teach history. They encouraged him, which eventually lead to him teaching his favorite subject.
“History is the story of people and what could be more fascinating than that?” Largo answered when asked why he decided to teach his primary subject.
The veteran teachers have been able to witness many changes that have happened throughout their time. One of these changes that they all have witnessed was the move from the old school to the new school.
Another thing that has changed a lot in recent years, is the sudden addition and improvement of technology, that integrated itself into school systems and became a necessity for school work.
“I still view myself as a storyteller but have tried to incorporate technology as it has become available.” Largo said.
All the veteran teachers have had to adjust their teaching methods as technology began to rise. No longer able to rely on paper and pencil, these teachers have learned how to adapt over the years.
Each teacher still agrees on one thing. Being able to watch each of the students grow is one of their favorite things about teaching, and they will always