Black Mirror

Score: 9/10

Everyone makes decisions every day that change their lives, but what if someone else was in charge of your decision-making, not you? That’s exactly what happens to Stefan in Bandersnatch, but instead of one person who’s in charge, it’s everyone watching the movie.
Each decision has to be made in seconds; those decisions could mean the difference between life or death for those in the movie.
One of the first questions you’ll be asked is so simple and so bland: asking which type of cereal Stefan wants to eat for breakfast.
As you get more into the movie, the questions get more intense. You start choosing who gets to live and who gets to die.
This is much more to take in as an audience, and it almost puts you on the edge of your seat, trying to figure out whether you chose the right answer or not.
Not everyone who watches Bandersnatch has the same reactions, because not everyone chooses the same answers as everyone else. In some scenes, if you don’t choose the obvious answer, the story resets from that fateful choice.
This forces the viewer to choose “correctly” to continue on with watching the film.
The movie Bandersnatch doesn’t have a time frame, either. Some people have finished the movie within an hour and a half, but it took me two hours to finish the movie.
It’s all based on your choices in response to the questions asked throughout the movie.
When you finish the movie, it gives you a choice to either go to the credits or go back to an important part of the movie. Of course, I chose to keep going back to see how it ended in a different way.
Every time was a completely different plot twist.
Most would say the film Bandersnatch is a confusing and a very plot twisting film, and it very much is, but I would say the film is more interesting than confusing. With all the different directions and angles the movie can migrate to, Bandersnatch is definitely one of the better choices of movies to watch on Netflix.
It grabs your attention from the start and does not let you down.
Bandersnatch is mainly all about choices. No matter what you choose, in the end of the movie, it still ends bad.
Some scenarios are better than others, though.
Choices in life aren’t always good versus evil. Sometimes it’s just you against the real world. Therefore, Bandersnatch shows us how some decisions can seriously change someone’s life, either for better or for worse.