It’s Time to Toughen Up

American teens have become too soft The editorial was agreed upon, 15-0


Caution: Reading the following editorial may cause some blood pressure rates to skyrocket. Read on only if you dare.
Legendary Green Bay Packers football coach Vince Lombardi could not coach today.
He wouldn’t make it past the first week of practice at any high school in America.
Never gonna happen… no way.
The first time Lombardi would go into one of his legendary rants during practice, it would all be over.
Big, strapping football players would be weeping, cell phones would be out recording Lombardi’s every word, and the school’s HR officer would be on the field before the rant was even done.
Sadly, American teens have become soft.
Between worrying about our peanut allergies, eating gluten free, consuming eggs from free range chickens, taking meds for ADHD, and practicing digital citizenship online, there is nothing left of us except the expectation of a participation ribbon for showing up at school.
Teens today represent the first generation whose lives are saturated by mobile technology and social media. Unfortunately, the previous generation’s attempt to provide us with a better life has resulted in a bunch of 98 lb. weaklings whose ability to handle anything stressful is nonexistent.
School systems are making learning easier than ever before. In the process, teachers and administrators are attempting to make it easier for the kids who are taking no responsibility for their own education.
One example is the school’s current retake policy which provides students with a second chance on assignments and tests.
While there are some legitimate reasons for allowing retakes, our concern is with students who habitually never prepare for tests and then demand the right to a retake.
So what brought on the softness?
The entitlement young people enjoy today has created a generation of overly-sensitive adolescents who can’t stand to be told no and hardship is a foreign concept.
There is always the idea that parents have to make the lives of their children easier than they had it. But taking away consequences for inappropriate behavior and giving kids everything they ask for, which has resulted in entitled, soft kids.
Avoiding the problem will only make it worse in the future for both parents and kid
While it is easy to blame parents and past generations for making our lives easier for us, why isn’t there any responsibility coming from us?
At some point, as young people we need to start taking responsibility for our actions and toughen up.