Casias receives scholarship to Summer Program


Junior Adrianna Casias is not a greedy person, but she might have appeared so last month when she received not one, but two invitations to summer theatre program in Los Angeles.
Casias was accepted into the American Theatre of Dramatic Arts (AMDA) and the American Academy of Dramatic Arts (AADA). They are both summer programs that deal with acting skills. The programs will help her with her future college career, which she is thinking about majoring in theater.
It took Casias three months to get accepted into AMDA but only took three weeks to get into the AADA.
The AMDA is two weeks long and costs $4,650, but that doesn’t include housing and food. Housing will cost about $2,600. The AMDA acceptance rate is 21.8%.
“AMDA is more of the fun program, it helps you connect with others and focuses on a specific field,“ Casias said.
Getting into AMDA took a phone call interview and telling the judges how passionate she was about acting. Casias also got a scholarship into AMDA.
“They wanted to know how passionate you are about the field you are going into, so they know you actually want to do something with the acting skills and they were choosing the right person to go into the programs,” Casias said.
The AADA is seven weeks long and costs $4,500, it also doesn’t include housing and food. The AADA has a 74.9% acceptance rate.
The AADA mainly focuses on dramatic acting and teaches how to be comfortable on stage.
Casias has to choose between the two programs because they overlap each other. She has decided she is going to AMDA since it is only a two-week program, but plans to attend to AADA in the future.
Casias is excited about going into the programs because they will help her gain connections for the future as well as how to audition for colleges.
“Neither of the programs wanted a video audition, they wanted me up front and in person. The actual interview took place over the phone for both programs.” Casias said.
Theatre teacher Dr. Elena Garcia posted an application for AMDA on Google Classroom; Casias was the only student who went through the entire process.
“When Adrianna acts, she has very expressive eyes and facial expressions which is good for acting,” Garcia said.
Casias and Dr. Garcia have been working together since Adrianna’s freshmen year, which Adrianna was in one acts and in her intro to theater class. This year, Adrianna directed the play for her theater class called Notice Me. She is directing another play for her theater class called Marvelous tales.
Casias has acted in six different plays for one acts and theater. These include The Tempest, Cafe Murder, Actor’s Nightmare, and the most recent Murder at the Malt Shop.
Casias wants to go to University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA), which is a few blocks away from one of the programs. She decided to get a taste of Los Angeles before she goes to college