Hollywood chooses color combos for maximum effect on movie posters

People who design movie poster have a huge responsibility. They have to capture an entire film within one image, while simultaneously establishing tone and theme.
One great way to achieving this task is through the use of color.
Appropriate color balanced with imagery has the power to convey messages that reach a person without the use of words.
For example, look at the posters for the movies Drive and Baby Driver.
Both movies have similar plots about a getaway driver and his hero’s journey. Their styles, however, contrast each other dramatically.
One poster is bright and loud as because the movie primarily takes place during the day. The other movie poster is dark as the film is more personal and takes place during the night.
Both posters have the same colors, bright pinks, contrasting with dark blues. Examples like this are everywhere.
Another popular color scheme is the color combination of cyan and orange.