Marvel v. DC

Superheroes have always been a staple of American culture. From before the landing on Normandy Beach in WWII to the current #MeToo movement, superheroes have carved out a lasting impact on Americans and the world at large.
Naturally, the entertainment industry has been keen on making as much money as they could using familiar faces like Superman, Spider-Man, and Batman.
What started as one movie about a well-known hero with 2008’s Iron Man spiraled into a massive billion-dollar industry. Marvel Studios grossed $11 billion from Iron Man to 2017’s Ant Man (
DC Films has thrown its hat into the ring plenty of times, but its results have been underwhelming compared to Marvel.
From 2013’s Man of Steel to last year’s Aquaman, DC Films has barely grossed $2 billion (
Critics have similarly found DC Films’ offerings to be lackluster, with Justice League sitting at 40% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes compared to Marvel’s first Avengers at 92% fresh.
Captain Marvel, released on March 8th, secured an 80% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes and grossed $480 million at the box office.
Not to be outdone, however, DC Films’ own Shazam! releases on April 5th.
While Marvel owns the rights to the name Captain Marvel, DC’s character Shazam! used to be known as Captain Marvel as well. The timing could not be more intentional.
While DC Films scrambles to keep pace, Marvel Studios continues steaming ahead.
Although the future isn’t certain, American audiences can look forward to many more films featuring their favorite caped crusaders.