Teachers saying “Bon Voyage” Shs

As the school year comes to a close, many teachers have given their recognition.

Spanish teacher Christina Schroeder is leaving and going to Beatrice because her husband got a promotion from his job.

“The hardest part when I first started here was being new and not knowing anyone. I am proud of how far the Spanish Department has come since I started here, especially putting in a new curriculum and adding new ways of testing,” Schroeder said.
One thing she will always remember about SHS is the diversity in the students’ personalities and the fact that the students are really personal and caring.

English teacher Allison Areeda is also leaving. Areeda is getting married and is mov ing to Longmont, Colorado and will be teaching language arts at the middle school, while she finishes her master’s degree.

“One thing I look forward to when it comes to leaving SHS is shifting my energies and priorities from establishing a career foundation to a marriage foundation,” Areeda said.

She looked forward to building her own classroom community after co-teaching with Elena Garcia.

“The hardest thing when I first started here was learning to curb my outspoken political commentary. The easiest part was making lasting, meaningful relationships with the staff of SHS. One thing I will always remember about SHS is how brilliant, powerful, and kind the students are,” Areeda said.

Math teacher Morgan Wilken is also leaving to be closer to her family.

She will continue to teach math in Norfolk High School.

“One thing I looked forward to when first starting here was pushing myself and learning from lots of different people.I hope I helped kids in some way, not just in math but in their life, especially if they are going through something. I loved the fact that I got to teach Ag Math because that was part of my childhood when I was younger,” Wilken said.

V.P. Dr. Andrew Dick is also leaving. Dr. D taught at Park Middle school in the Lincoln Public school district and was at the middle school as an administrator for 9 years.

Dr. D will be the head administrator at ESU 13 in Scottsbluff.

“I will always remember and appreciate the students, the highly skilled and dedicated staff, and the changes and advancements in our facility and programming. I will also remember the talent of our student body,” Dr. Dick said.

Most of these positions have been filled, the Spanish position by Vanessa Cardona. The math position has been filled by Christina Hays and a new assistant principal of academic programming by Kelli Jensen. The 9th grade academy Special Education Position was filled by Bill Moore.

These are all the positions that have opened and closed this school year and more will most likely open before the end of year.