Local cowboys/girls compete in high school rodeos

The expression that says “like father like son” or ‘like mother like daughter” comes into play in a sport like rodeo.

“My dad roped and my mom has rode horses forever so wanting to rodeo came naturally”, Junior Kailey Pinney said.

Unlike some sports, rodeo takes more than just dedication and passion for it, it takes hours and hours of hard work, working with your horses, and a positive attitude.

“I practice at home with my dad and moms help. Practicing is basically doing a rodeo run at the house. Once a week I go to a friends house and practice with him, but during the summer I go team rope with
a friend almost daily”, Junior Cody Fosket said.

Most high school rodeo kids have also been to nationals.
When asked what a big accomplishment they achieved,

their answer is a time they made it to nationals. “When I made top 20 at nationals when I was in junior high was a huge accomplishment”, sophomore Trace Travnicek said.

Rodeo can sometimes be a dangerous sport.

“I have been hurt very badly doing rodeo. In between my 6th and 7th grade year I broke both bones in my leg 1 inch below my knee. I was in a full leg cast for three months. That was the worst summer of my life.” Fosket said.

There are so many events in rodeo, a lot of kids do more than just one event. Pinney participates in barrel racing, pole bending, goat tying, and team roping, and would like
to get into breakaway roping. Travnicek participates in steer wrestling, calf roping, and team roping. Fosket participates in team roping and calf roping.

Traveling is a big must in rodeo since Scottsbluff really doesn’t have an arena built for rodeos.

Travnicek has traveled clear to Lebanon, Tennessee to participate in a rodeo and Fosket has traveled to Pueblo, Colorado for a rodeo.

So what’s in it for the kids besides doing what they love and having fun?

“If you win an event usu

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ally you get a buckle. At some rodeos, all around winners get saddles. Tack and checks are prizes sometimes as well.” Pinney said.

There are many kids who

compete in rodeo around the state of Nebraska, there is about 200 kids going to rodeos to compete in.

Rodeo has been coming more popular over the years. There will be a lot more kids getting involved in the upcoming years.

Rodeo is an extreme sport, when you have kids like these three, rodeo is a part of their lifestyle and everyday life.