Graduation rate makes dramatic increase

Combined efforts of administration, staff result in highest graduation rate in school history

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Long known for the success of its sports teams, activities and musical programs, Scottsbluff High added yet another accomplishment to its storied history.

Four years ago the school’s graduation rate was one of the lowest numbers in Class B at 70%.

Fast forward four years, and the class of 2016 and the school has remarkably raised to rate to 91.7% with the graduating class of 2016.

“I am very proud of our students and staff achieving that, (graduation rate increase) it’s a very great effort on many people’s part,” Principal, Mike Halley said.

“People responsible for it are the students, they had to be willing to get the job done and they could not have done it without support from home in some form of fashion,” Halley said.

Not only are the students responsible for the all-time high graduation rate, but the motivational staff of SHS is a prime reason for the increase.

“Our staff has taken a lot of ownership over a sense that we need to reach that 73.85 percent five years ago” said Halley.

Five years ago, the graduation rate for Scottsbluff Public schools  was only 73.85 percent, a major difference compared to this year’s 91.71 percent.

“People were not happy at that time (2011). We thought we could do better than that so our staff really took ownership . They (staff) are willing to do the things that we put in place to help kids be successful”, said Halley.

Another big factor that played in the increased rate, is the community and their motivation and effort.

“The community has some responsibility and they have helped us get to where we are” said Halley.

Some specific actions administrators, like Mr.Halley put into effect for the increase was eliminating practical classes, implemented learning guides, held cohort meetings and focused on student interventions when needed. Also administrators started up different alternative education schools such as CHOICES, VALTS, and ReConnect.

The staff, administrators, and community still plan on keeping this graduation rate high and growing.

“I think career academies will be huge and help us maintain a high rate because the students are really going to be working in areas they are interested in,” said  Halley.

“There are hundreds of people I can thank for this and I want everybody to know how much I appreciate the efforts they put in and doing it from there part of their world,” said Halley

“It’s about what is happening at the high school, what we do in the classrooms, what we see teachers doing, support staff doing ,and how the school has embraced an attitude of excellence,” said superintendent Rick Myles in an article by the  Star Herald.

The motivation of Scottsbluff public schools and the stride for excellence is what makes the system so strong.

As the school transitions into a new year, the system continues to embark on new paths to success.

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