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Teen Drivers- part two

Highway to failure

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The first thing most 16 year olds are excited for is to finally get their license   Unfortunately it’s not something that’s easy for everyone on their first try.

More than 50% of people fail their driving test the first time they take it. This tends to be a more common problem for teenagers since many of them are nervous when they take the test.

Many teenagers don’t study for the written test thinking it will be easy because they’re told all the questions are basically common sense.

“When I went to go get my permit (the written test) I failed the first time. I didn’t even think about studying on the website because my peers told me it was just common sense questions.”

“I guess that was not the case for me. The next day I studied a bit the night before and missed like one question,” Junior Jade Tucker said.

Most trouble comes with the actual driving test when many points being deducted are for minor infractions.

“The first test I took, instead of putting the car in park for the emergency brake, I just left my foot on the break and continued the process.”

“The second time I ran over the curb for the emergency brake procedure, and the third I was speeding in front of the courthouse,” Senior Isaac De Los Santos said.

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Occasionally though, it’s the instructor’s fault for overreacting, and not the driver.

“The instructor and I were at a stop sign. I stopped at the sign and waited a good amount of time. To me, I did not see any cars coming toward me that I was pulling in front of.”

“To the instructor, however, he thought that I pulled right in front of a “huge truck” ( not that big) and I made the truck slow down. I did not see this error, but I guess it happened,” Tucker said.

Failing the driving test can be upsetting for teenagers.

“I felt like I would never be a good driver and wanted to give up,” Junior Caragh Clemens said.

“When I failed the first time I was a little upset and confused about why I failed,” Tucker said

Passage of the test seems to erase the memories of frustration and embarrassment.

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Teen Drivers- part two