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Getting to know the G20

A closer look at the recent world summit

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What is the G20?

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The G20 summit is an biannual meeting of the world’s 20 leading counties in economy and industry. Many developing nations are invited to the event as well, making the summit an opportunity for world leaders to work together and implement changes.

Who is included in the G20?

Multiple world leaders attended the summit, including notables like Vladimir Putin of Russa, Angela Merkel of Germany, and Donald Trump from the US.

The “Group of 20” (the 20 countries from which the summit draws its name) appear highlighted on the map below.

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Why does the group matter?

The 20 countries control a majority of the world’s resources and have a great deal of power. Whenever the leaders of these countries attempt to work together, it is worth taking note. Discussions ranged from subjects of financial regulations to discussions about women’s empowerment, immigration, and terrorism. These issues impact everyone from schoolgirls in Kenya to DECA members at SHS.

What will the long lasting effects of this year’s gathering be?

More than 100,000 people were expected to take part in protests across Hamburg during the G20 summit [Reuters]

Currently, the host city of Hamburg, Germany is recovering from a bout of lootings and protests that raised questions about free speech and the right to assemble.

When the city established a protest free “red-zone,” many people saw this as a violation of rights, claiming that limiting protests allows politicians to ignore the voice of the public. Many protests surrounded the summit, regardless of the restrictions. Episodes of violence, vandalism, and theft by those picketing caused an outcry from many of Germany’s citizen’s and politicians.

The G20 countries also discussed the United States’ withdrawal from the Paris agreement, a set of decisions about climate change and environmental responsibility. This development may indicate a shift in the expectations of G20 counties in regards to the environment.

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Getting to know the G20