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StarFox 2: time-weathered flop or worthy tribute?

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The history of Star Fox 2 is complex. The original Star Fox was a cult classic on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, a video game console, and fans were clamoring for more after they finished.
Production commenced immediately on the sequel.
However, Nintendo–Star Fox’s developer–decided that Star Fox 2 wouldn’t look that great on the SNES. The new Nintendo console, the Nintendo 64, was right around the corner, anyways.
The Nintendo 64 was going to be way stronger, and Nintendo decided that Star Fox would look better on that console.
Even though Star Fox 2 was fully finished, it was never released… until now.
But how would this forgotten gem fare? Has the gaming industry forgotten Star Fox?
Unfortunately, the answer is yes. Star Fox 2 isn’t anywhere near the level of its predecessor, and nowhere near the level of any other SNES game at the time.
Right at the start, the game runs slow. Very painfully slow.
The frames stutter and lag, and it’s difficult to tell where you are in space or time after a short while. It occasionally looks like a slideshow at some points, since there’s so many enemies onscreen.
This isn’t totally Star Fox 2’s fault; the SNES processor just couldn’t handle it.
The gameplay is also incredibly tedious. Star Fox’s home planet is getting assaulted by space pirates, and he has to take them down.
An interesting aspect is his home planet, Corneria, has a health bar. Every time the space pirates fire a missile at it, it loses some health.
It essentially works as a timer.
After tracking down the space pirates to their base, Fox has to meander through and blow up the core. Rinse and repeat.
When at long last you manage to destroy every space pirate base, you’re confronted with the final boss.
It turns out that the final boss is the same final boss as Star Fox 1. There isn’t even a change in the tactics.
Once you’ve beaten the Star Fox 1 boss, you’ve beaten the Star Fox 2 boss.
It’s ridiculously underwhelming and tedious. Once it was all over, I found myself somewhat glad.
It’s an unfortunate stain on the face of Nintendo’s legacy. If the game was so bad, why even bother releasing it?
The nostalgia is justified rereleasing Super Mario World. That’s a good game that still holds up well today.
However, Star Fox 2 is like a loud, angry fly. It’s flashy, but before long you want it gone.
Even more unfortunately, this might be the last Star Fox game made. Nintendo seems unwilling to touch the IP anymore.
I’d hate for that to be the case, but it looks like it’s unavoidable.
So long, Fox. May the stars travel with you.


What do you think? Is the release of Star Fox 2 worth the wait? Weigh in by commenting below.

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StarFox 2: time-weathered flop or worthy tribute?