Is ‘Sweetener’ more salty than sweet?

Is Ariana Grande going off
the deep end with her new
album ‘Sweetener’? None of the
songs on Grande’s new album
compare to the past songs she
has written and performed.
So is she taking a turn with
her music in a good or bad
way? Fans who have listened
to Grande’s music since she’s
been a pop star may not find as
much pleasure in listening to
‘Sweetener’ as they have in her
past albums.
Grande had help from
Pharrell Williams with her
songwriting and producing in
which concluded with songs
that don’t sound like anything
Grande would have written
After the bombing at one of
Grande’s concert in Manchester,
England, you would think
it would change her perspective
on things and create an album
full of songs with passion, love,
and her feelings. Instead she
went the other way and created
an album that does not reflect
who she is as a person.
As everyone has heard,
Grande just recently went
through a break up with celebrity
Mac Miller, who is now
deceased, thinking she would
write songs about heartbreak
and hurt, there is no sign of
sadness in her recent album
‘Sweetener’. Most songs on
Grande’s album sound like she
threw spaghetti at the wall to
see what stuck.
The album ‘Sweetener’
sounds like the work of an artist
torn between doing exactly
what she pleases and giving her
audience what they want. Also,
seven of the 15 tracks have
been drowned in producer
Pharrell Williams work, at
points, it’s in danger of sounding
more like his record than
It’s rare for an album with
so many stunning moments to
suddenly become so aggressively
mediocre. Still, the highs
of Sweetener outweigh the
lows. But with such lofty highs,
it’s hard to be content with the
album that is and not think
about what the album might
have been.