What can we do to enjoy our lunchtime? This Echoes Editorial was agreed upon 12-0

At 11:35 AM, a bell rings. This marks the end of freshman lunch and the start of lunch for upperclassmen.
The cafeteria isn’t large enough to hold all of the upperclassmen, so many leave the building. The problem starts at the parking lot.
The lot is relatively small and, with many students attempting to leave at once, becomes very chaotic at lunchtime. It can take students up to 10 minutes to just leave the lot.
With only 35 minutes to leave, have lunch, come back, and get to your next class, students have too much to do and not enough time to do it.
The lunch period is too short and must be lengthened.
The first problem is how chaotic the parking lot becomes, making it a very unsafe place for students. With hundreds of upperclassmen attempting to leave through two exit points at once, the amount of potential collisions drastically increases.
If just leaving wasn’t bad enough, the same scenario happens in reverse when it’s time for students to return to the building.
Parking space is a separate issue, however, and there aren’t a lot of short-notice solutions that can be used to combat this.
The serious issue is the length of the lunch period. Sophomores through seniors are released from their CATS classes at 11:35 and must return to the building and get to their next class by 12:10.
This might not sound so bad, but when combined with how long it takes to leave the parking lot, plus the wait times at nearby fast food restaurants at the lunch hour, students find themselves scrambling to make it back on time.
So, what should be done? Adding five minutes to each lunch would be the best solution.
Though ten minutes would need to be added to the overall length of the day, this is a small sacrifice for the benefit of all students.
So, in the end, the lunch period is too short and must be lengthened. We have a viable solution to this problem, but only time will tell if something is done.