Design Students Use New Shirt Print to their advantage

Students may have noticed
some freshly printed
off personalized T- shirts
around the halls lately.
Where are they coming?
Wayne Lemoine’s Design
classes were recently
equipped with new equipment
that can print off
original designs created
by students.
Other than T- shirts,
students can make personalized
stickers but the
process is quite difficult.
“We have to start converting
files and cutting
vinyl and using the heat
press as far as the heat
press goes and printing
off the vinyl is pretty
much the same process
for the shirts and stickers
but the screen printing
side is a little bit different”,
Lemoine said.
The process starts off
with the design going
into an application called
Graphtec studio, a free
application that is used
to detect the important
points that makes the
design creative.
After being put into
Graphtec Studio, the design
is sent to the cutter,
a printer used to cut the
vinyl into the design. The
design is not yet cut out
but is cut to the designs
Next the design is done
out of the cutter, students
can now weed off the
unnecessary vinyl that
makes the design. Weeding
takes careful time to
get specific cuts and turns
to make the design correct.
Now students can take
two different directions
one either to make it into
a sticker or into a T-shirt
with the Heat press. The
heat press reaches over
750 degrees Fahrenheit to
push the design into the
“The administration
has already been utilizing
the equipment into
screen printing Terrible
Towels and we will make
a bearcat logo to go on
them”, Lemoine said.
In the future, the design
classes should expect
some school requests on
different T-shirt design
ideas and printing off our
own Bearcat T-shirts and
stickers promoting clubs,
sports, and organizations.