Brandon Bair tackles the odds


Kirsten Knaub

"Trust Me"

Former NFL defensive line- man Brandon Bair spoke to
the student body on Thursday, March 28, emphasizing the importance of trust, hard work, and leadership in life.

Bair included several of his past experiences with these traits and urged students and staff to understand how crucial these traits are in life.

Bair, who was drafted in 2011, played for Kansas City, Oakland, and Philadelphia before retiring in 2016. Since then, Bair has spoken schools, businesses and colleges around the country.

“Now that I have retired, people are actually hiring me to come out and speak all of over the place, so it’s become something different,” Bair said.

Bair’s message of hope and determination is based on per- sonal experience after facing a difficult childhood as the son

of an alcoholic father. “Those different stages in

my life and to be done and look back and see that those are key things that if I wouldn’t have made that choice that I did I wouldn’t be in the same posi- tion I am now,” Bair said.

Part of his presentation included a couple of slideshow showcasing his family and his his football career.

Bair said that the lessons he learned in life are not confined to sports.

“The most rewarding feed- back that I have is when people come up to me and say I was
in the same situation you were and I just didn’t know which direction to go and people feel like they now have the ability to do something different,” Bair said.

Bair was sponsored by
the Monument Prevention Coalition (MPC) which works toward raising awareness about underage drinking.