One final attempt results in state title


Since 2008, the Bearcats has not seen a state journalism trophy but with the combined competitors on the newspaper and yearbook staffs, the journalism department had enough talent to bring home the gold on Tuesday, April 23rd.

Scottsbluff had over 20 students qualify for multiple different events and finish-
ing first in 4 different events including Newspaper Column Writing, Yearbook Theme Copy Writing, In-Depth News- paper Coverage, and Broadcast Feature Story.

“The column writing was way easier, I just had to list my opinion on a moral dilemma. I love thinking about ethical situations like those, so it just came naturally to me.” Senior Nate Cantor said.

Coming in second would be West Point Beamer with 332 and Scottsbluff would win the contest with 432 points.

At state journalism, if you make it in the top 8 in the state you get to go down to Norfolk, Nebraska and compete in your category and each place will score points for their respected schools.
First place gets 20 points, second gets 18 points and so fourth and with these points they are tallied up at the end of the day to determine the state champions.

Scottsbluff would be earning points left and right with over 20 students going into the com- petition. Multiple submissions were put into different categories, scoring three different times in Column writing and Sports News writing.

Arriving at Norfolk, Terry Pitkin would tell the journalism staff to trust in their training. All students in the journalism classes would have to take a Beginning Journalism class and also with that, they have the experience they have writing all year for the Echoes and Yearbook.

With his retirement from teaching, Mr. Pitkin would compare himself with some of the greats like Peyton Manning. Pitkin is still undecided on what he wants to do after retirenment.

Being able to win a championship and retire is something that students wanted to give him with all of his hardwork and dedication to the journal- ism department.

“It feels good for the sole reason that I was able to give Mr. Pitkin the win he deserved. I couldn’t have asked for a better way to end the year for him.” Cantor said.

As a staff, we would like
to thank Mr. Pitkin for all his years as a teacher, mentor and most of all a friend.