Border Bogus

Trump's threat to close Mexican border is unrealistic. This editor was agreed upon, 15-0

Imagine not having guacamole for your chips, an engine in your car, or bananas for your smoothie. This is what could happen if President Trump were to close the border between the United States and Mexico.

Mexico is constantly export- ing goods for Americans (especially fruits and vegetables) and the constant threats from the president could hit the economy harder than the Great Depression.

According to Trump, border security is what is most important and stopping illegal immigration is at the top of his to-do list, but Mexican immigrants are finding themselves as the target.

As of April. 5, the President has backed off of his threat and said he would give Mexico a year to stop the flow of illegal drugs coming into the U.S.

Since he claims that drugs are the main reason illegal immigrants are coming to America, he believes that stop- ping the flow of drugs into the U.S. is the best solution to the problem.

But why not approach the situation with America in mind?

It’s no secret there are people living in this country that are drug addicts and will do anything for a high, even going so far as to create their own concoctions.
There is a bigger issue than the President’s beef with Mexico. America has a drug problem.

The President blames Mexico for the drug problems instead of focusing on the facing the fact that Americans have an addiction to drugs.

Recent data from the

Department of Homeland Security said last month, the Border Patrol arrested more people on the southern border than any month since 2008.

With at one point some 5,900 troops at the southern border over the last year, it’s been proven that Trump’s main and only focus is on the border.

It can be assumed that within the next twelve months, whatever is thrown at Trump from Mexico for a compromise will be rejected-unless it’s exactly what the President wants to hear.

If there is no compromise, Trump is insistence on closing the border or tariffing cars- leaving Americans to suffer without guacamole or personal transportation.