The Echoes

2017-2018 Staff

Terry Pitkin

Staff Advisor

Terry Pitkin has taught at Scottsbluff High School for many years. During his time as a teacher, he has been the staff adviser for the school newspaper (The Echoes) and the yearbook (Bluffs). While maintaining a busy working...

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Faith Reisig


A self-proclaimed liberal feminist, Faith is a senior at SHS through the CHOICES program. Her newspaper career began when she wrote a letter to the editor at age seven. Since then, she has written multiple stories and poems, eve...

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Jack Hallowell

Staff Photographer

Hi, Jack here! I’m a senior for SHS. I've really loved photography since I was a little kid and as the years went by I kept thinking I should really get into it. So, as I get into high school I became aware that the school had...

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Chase Wells

Feature Editor

Feature editor for the Echoes and self proclaimed laziest man alive, Chase enjoys nothing more than to put off work until the last minute and to make Pit-king lose what little hair he has left. A staunch supporter of doing as...

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Luke Ferguson

News Editor

It all started when I was born. Luke Edward Ferguson was born to Margo and Bruce Ferguson. The first thing the doctor said was probably something along the lines of “gross” or “Is it supposed to look like that?” I digress;...

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Benjamin Vidlak

Feature Writer

When one asks themselves, “What is style?” one singular image springs to mind. A teenager with wavy hair, coke bottle glasses, and ripped jeans. This is none other than Benjamin Vidlak, the feature story author. He enjoys...

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Nathan Cantor

Entertainment Editor

Nathan Mark Cantor is a Colombian-American student currently studying at Scottsbluff Senior High School. His specialty is writing entertainment stories, which he found easier than sports or feature stories. A self-described s...

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Madeira Henclewood

In-Depth Writer

Madeira Henclewood is a quirky girl with a passion for writing. Being a member of the newspaper staff has been a dream of hers for a while. Starting at a young age, journalism and publications spoke to her. Telling the truth (or o...

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Shelby Fisher

Sports Writer

Hey guys! I’m Shelby Fisher and I’m the Sports Writer for the 2017-18 Echoes Staff! I’m a junior and I chose newspaper because I have always had a passion for writing and this will help me become a better writer. I have ...

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